Pipeworks and Wilke Tobaccos

P.O. Box 580 or 420 Main St.
East Middlebury, VT 05740

This shop was very well known during the many years that it operated out of New York City. Now owned by pipe-maker Elliot Nachwalter and Carole Burns, it operates out of East Middlebury, Vermont. Nachwalter pipes are respected by many pipe smokers.

#10 (Equinox)
Composed of lemon Virginia, latakia, Smyrna, Davalla, xanthi and Shiraz, this blend has a refreshing sweetness and lightly aromatic flavour that vaguely reminds me of maple. A mild tobacco that doesn't seem to have a very high nicotine content, but which nonetheless has body and smokes fairly smooth. I can imagine smokers of aromatic mixtures enjoying this unusual English blend. I find the aroma it leaves in the room to be surprisingly neutral given its distinctive taste. Burns well. '95

In this full English blend, latakia, Yenidje, burley, perique and Virginia are balanced such that no one ingredient dominates. Although its richness is somewhat reduced by the burley, a very subtle sweetness is always present. Smokes fairly smooth, but the pepperiness of the perique and the burley become more pronounced as the bowl burns on. Gives off a slight woodsy aroma that matches the flavour. I like this quite a bit even though I'm not much of a burley fan. '94

A dark blend of Virginia, latakia and Yenidje with a straightforward smoky flavour and semi-sweet undertones. Burns well, but not too fast, smokes cool and produces a pleasantly smoky latakia aroma. On certain days, this is one of my favourites; on others, I find its flavour a bit flat and not quite complex enough. '95

High Hat
This combination of latakia, Kentucky burley, perique and Virginia is heavier, sharper and more bitter than those mentioned above. This mixture gets quite a bit stronger as a bowlful progresses and its original faint sweetness fades. In fact, it gets rather raunchy if it heats up much (the quantity of perique and/or burley in the recipe?)—best smoked very, very slow. Although I have intensely enjoyed a big pipe of this blend on several occasions, I dislike the aroma it leaves in the briar after a while and won't be smoking it any more. '94